Lynn Holdings successfully completes sale of former Kmart property

PORTAGE, WI - Local Portage developer Lynn Holdings announced today that they have successfully completed the sale of the former Kmart property located at 2935 New Pinery Road on the north side of Portage to an Illinois-based retailer that plans to open the entire 86,000 square foot building this summer with a farm, home, and outdoor sporting goods store.

Lynn Holdings partners Richard Lynn and Jason Adamany have been working diligently the past three and a half years since they acquired the former Kmart property to breathe new life into the vacant store and surrounding out lots. In 2016 Lynn Holdings was successful in bringing Aldi to Portage with the construction of a new 20,000 square foot store that sits on the front of the development and across from the Super Walmart.

Mayor Rick Dodd, City Administrator Shawn Murphy, and Economic Development Director Steve Sobiek have worked closely with Lynn and Adamany on their plans to redevelop the property. With plan commission approval last month the 15-acre development was subdivided to clear the way for the sale of the largest parcel that included the Kmart building as well as created the two out lots. Announcements of additional retailers and a restaurant are expected in the coming months now that the development has a new vibrant retail anchor.

The Illinois-based retailer will be issuing a separate press release to announce their intentions of remodeling and opening their new store on the north side of Portage.

In addition to the redevelopment of the former Kmart property, Lynn Holdings is also making many improvements to the Northridge Plaza shopping center on the 2800 block of New Pinery Road. A 7-foot by 15-foot full color, full video LED display was added to the shopping center’s pylon sign and an announcement of a new furniture store moving into the 24,000 square foot anchor spot is expected in the next month.

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